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I can’t think of sources of inspiration that are more powerful than your family.  In the pursuit of this boutique candle operation which some of you may have read about already, and for others this may be completely new news and as yet may not mean much, my sources of inspiration are my dear son whom I lost in August, 2017, and my first grandchild who was born in July of this year.  They are both innocent souls, one dwells in this world and the other dwells in the other world, which we do not know about but I have caught glimpses of its existence through spiritual happenings surrounding my son.  Some of them I have written about in this blog.

I believe with all my heart that my son has blessed this undertaking as he knows just how much I have suffered since he passed on.  He dwells somewhere that I can’t always tap into, but at other times I feel very connected, spiritual, close to my son, able to talk to him, to tell him that I love him and will never stop talking about him so that people will remember him, until the day I die.  He knows how much I want success.  He believes I deserve it, this is even something we used to talk about when he was alive!

My darling granddaughter, she is angelic and like an angel sent down from heaven, her face is cherubic, with her big wondering eyes, she is curious about everything in this world, and she will know about her Uncle Adam, even though she cannot meet him here.  I vow that she will know about him.  She was sent as our salve, our saving grace in the midst of the most gut wrenching and heart breaking grief which I thought some days I would never come out of because I was drowning in it and couldn’t breathe.  Her birth brought us joy, a beautiful little girl to focus on, to lift the veil somewhat from our eyes so that we could see life again.  This takes nothing away from the love and grief that we still feel for Adam, but it balanced the grief with joy.

What more do you need than that to inspire you to achieve your wildest dreams?  Some days are still hideously sad and overwhelming but now I have work as well to focus on.  My own little piece of a lifelong journey coming to fruition.  Everything is just about ready to go, just the finishing touches to get through.  For those of you who are first time visitors to my blog, I have set up a boutique candle and accessories business, the special part being that the candles are pure, as my son’s soul is, purely made out of natural beeswax.  Some have coconut wax mixed in and deliver a beautiful creamy ivory coloured wax of which both burn cleanly and beautifully.  While some of the candles are left to give off their own fresh aroma, others are fragranced with pure essential oils, and fragrance oils which are free from pthalates and other nasty chemicals which are toxic to our airways and body systems in general.  You can be assured that there is absolutely nothing in my candles that are damaging in any way.  I want to look after your health and make your home a cleansing and beautiful smelling haven to walk into.  The vessels we use are recyclable and can be used as anything from a vase for flowers to a standing container for skin care brushes and tweezers, and the million other things that we use on our faces!

I can’t wait to announce to you ‘we are open for business’.  We will make it easy and safe to make payments as well.  Trust me, you will be well looked after at ‘With Love to My Son’.

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