Garnet: the birthstone of my son, Adam

My beautiful son at his 21st birthday party.
Being born in January, his (and his twin sister, Sara’s) birthstone is the Garnet, which is mined in a rainbow of colours from deep blood red through to hues of green, yellows and orange, even brownish yellows. Garnets are said to light up the night and protect it’s wearer from nightmares.
Garnet reminds us that actions speak louder than words and this was a motto that Adam lived by. This gemstone is also said to enhance the laws of attraction, so if he had lived, who knows? perhaps the love of his life was around the corner. But Adam was satisfied with his life the way it was. He was a beautiful boy like that.
No matter what we were going through, Adam wanted to see the positive and always believed that stronger and better options were just around the corner for us.
As negative emotions can accumulate in the body, garnet helps in moving these energies through the flow of Chi detoxing the body of negative emotions.
Our lives will be blessed by our Adam and are have begun already to display signs of his vibrant soul guiding our every decision. Your heart was pure, not a bad thought did you harbour about anybody, and for this, you will be rewarded by eternal peaceful rest.
Setting the mood for relaxation perhaps with lighted beeswax candles, lie down in your sacred space, surrounded by the crystals you feel especially bonded to today.  Free your mind and give up your body to nature and place a garnet crystal over the pubic bone and heart and start to feel alignment of these chakras. With this renewed balance, imagine the garnets infusing you with red healing light, the colour symbolising life and focus on your usual meditative thoughts. Lie like this for as long as you wish, for as long as you feel energised by the crystals and beeswax candles.

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