Crystal work: Stilbite and apophyllite

When talking about the properties of crystals, I concentrate on the qualities of spirit guidance and positive and negative energies.
Stilbite can help you to connect with memories of past lives and will remove obstacles preventing happiness and satisfaction, removing also, self-destructive tendencies. It enhances intuitive states and aids in the understanding of the guidance received from spirit guides and guardian angels. Stilbite holds potent angelic energies and is a beautiful and powerful crystal for meditation.
Stilbite also brings out creativity and artistry, increasing energies and higher levels of consciousness. It will give you the strength to rid yourself of unwanted behaviours and negative thought patterns.
Stilbite may be meditated upon to bring wealth and abundance, prosperity and success.
It will open your intuitive powers and bring you loving and supportive energies in any endeavour, especially financial endeavours.
This crystal will quieten your mind in order that your brain functions may be harmonised. This makes it a good crystal to hold onto when feeling overwhelmed in daily life.
Stilbite and apophyllite will help you to release negative energies, in particular, anxieties and built up worries thereby rejecting anger, bitterness and pain. These energies can be transmuted to more positive energies such as uplifting emotions and empowering feelings.
 Stilbite is associated with the third eye and will aid focus of your thoughts and energies. It helps you to concentrate and organise your thought patterns for the achievement of a higher good.
Stilbite will expand consciousness to higher dimensions and in doing so will unify all aspects of the self.
The portion of apophyllite is a potent clearing crystal for anxieties fear and worry.
 Stilbite is a stone that will expand your consciousness to higher dimensions and unify all aspects of yourself!


Apophyllite clears negative energies and dispels anxiety, fear and worry.  It can help the user or wearer to delve into childhood traumas gently and clears the negative energies associated with this emotional trauma.  These are unique properties of apophyllite.  It may be wise to do this trauma work with a psychological practitioner who can talk you through the aftermath of delving so deeply into the psyche.

Hints of green in apophyllite hint towards special grounding properties and to maximise this it can be housed in plantation throughout the garden.  Pink or orange in the stone will help to open the heart chakra and encourages the release of emotional wounds.  Symbolising lightness of being and happiness it can stimulate the holder’s inner child.  

Apophyllite is a powerful stone for meditation.  It can be sat with for 20 minutes, concentrating on the breath and emptying the mind and anxieties will lessen with a soothing of the spirit.  Negative behaviours and thought patterns can be cleared through meditation with apophyllite.



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