Crystal and grief work: Sugilite

Sugilite  is an interesting and beautiful and extremely powerful crystal with many and varied positive properties.  It is said to be a healer’s stone imbuing one who uses this crystal with unique psychic abilities.  It has a beautiful violet colouring and has been found in New South Wales, Australia as well as Japan, Canada and South Africa.

It brings great comfort to a person who is in deep mourning.  It surrounds and imbues with love and deflects negativity from the wearer.  It is said to be a supremely spiritual stone, protecting the wearer from psychic attack.  Sugilite is known as the healer’s stone and aids in answering the philosophical questions that one may have in life even glimpsing why a certain soul was taken from this world when they were.  It is also a universal love stone.  Sugilite stone should be used by those who are spiritually advanced and who are well versed in chakra work as it is a very powerful stone.  It can enhance psychic abilities so it is advised to use this stone with caution.

Sugilite should be discharged in a bowl full of hematite crystals.  Sugilite powerfully connects the physical world to the spiritual world.  We can find out our purpose, the purpose for pain and suffering when meditating with this stone.  It is found to be a good idea to wear sugilite in jewellery for a never-ending flow of spiritual power, keeping the qualities of magic directly in your aura.  It is a powerful stone and the vibrational energies are powerful when you connect to them.

It is definitely a stone to have in your crystal collection as it is very protective.  It will bring you to a place of calmness and serenity so that you may heal from the loss of your loved one.   You may also connect through meditation to the spirit of your loved one with this stone of love and forgiveness.  When you feel terribly the pain of this loss you may hold sugilite over your heart and you will be filled with love and protection.  It will ease despair.  Have faith in this stone, it will protect you and guide you to your own truth.  Just writing about sugilite is directing me towards the truth of words…words to guide… travel with… love with… and be with…  These affirmations will protect and nurture your soul and ease it’s psychic pain.  The pain you feel from the loss of the precious soul of your loved one will be eased by wearing sugilite stone.  It will be eased through love…

When combined with the spiritual powers of amethyst, the psychic abilities are magnified…Read about amethyst through the link below…








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