Azurite was sacred to many Ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptian, and the Persian word ‘lazhward’ refers to its brilliant blue colouring.  It can be said that in modern times, we try to harness the latent spiritual capacities inherent in the mineral.

It is used as a protective force against physical harm.

Azurite  is associated with both the throat chakra and the third eye yet also has associations with the higher Chakras, instilling divine wisdom and creativity.

It serves to balance when one is having difficulty in conveying one’s message to others.  Communication is crucial amongst those who are suffering the loss of a loved one and can be aided if meditated upon with a piece of azurite placed over the throat area whilst lying down.  Azurite is said to exhibit qualities of expression and teaching, all qualities of communication.

It is also said to instil honesty and strengthen spiritual and psychological empowerment in the wearer.

Azurite is strongly aligned with copper and is mined from weathered copper ore deposits.  The dust is toxic and must not be inhaled if working with the stone.  It has close associations with and can form with malachite taking in the green of this stone, with weathering often forming a combination of azurite and malachite.  Bright light, heat and open air all fade the colour of azurite and cause instability of its chemical formation.  

Azurite is associated with communication, creativity, intuition and wisdom.  It heightens spiritual wisdom through the clearing of negative energies.  Grief work can be aided if negative energies are cleared or at least, lessened and able to be overcome.

Azurite also alleviates stress and confusion, indecision and any negative lingering thoughts and processes of the mind and deeper consciousness.  It is possible to restore balance to the emotional state by meditating with azurite.  These are important concepts in the work associated with grief and loss.

Azurite is a protective stone for the elderly, aiding in the maintenance of independence and mental agility.  It is also a strong stone for students no matter what their age, as it aids mental agility, study qualities of concentration and memory, the formation of creative thoughtful processes and also assists the qualities of focus and retention of information.


Holding a piece of azurite in your left hand, feel the temperature of the stone and its vibrations, beginning the process of balancing.  You can continue the process by covering the stone with the right (empty) hand, whereby the left is receptive to the right’s energy of vibrancy.  Maintain calm and meditative breathing with eyes closed and through the third eye visualise a white light washing over the body with peace and tranquility.  Any intrusive thoughts of negativity should be gently discarded and the mind brought back to its state of meditative tranquility.

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