A new baby in the family

A darkened room illuminated by candles provides a pathway for meditation with the crystal Spirit Quartz. It is beneficial in gaining appreciation for the beauty of the universe and the abundance within and renewing joyful energy.

With the arrival of a new addition into the family feelings of nurture and protection surface and you want them to feel wanted, loved, protected and happy. You want to help them grow into successful and happy adults.  Powerful healing crystals to aid them through infancy and childhood are the beautiful, nurturing green coloured crystals known as growth crystals which are green. Green crystals bring you growth, fertility, nurturing, development, progress, youth, and good health. When choosing crystals for babies, we suggest green coloured crystals such as Green Appatite and Hiddenite.    Adam would be so happy to meet our little Addalin, but alas he must meet her from up on high.  We just know that he is enjoying her arrival and being uplifted by her birth.

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