Words of Loss

This was written on the 19/09/2017

Words seem so expressionless in light of losing you

I can’t begin to express how very much I miss you

The last time we saw each other we ‘high-fived’ – why didn’t I hug you?

Hug you as though it would be the last time

I saw you

Your spirit warms me at night, when I am alone

Cold and trying to get warm

I think of your embrace, like nothing else on earth

If only we could embrace just once more,

I would hold on tightly and never let you go

I miss you so much, I miss you asking me for money, I miss you asking me for medication,

I miss your sound, the sound of your voice,

The sound of your walk

I miss your words,

The look in your eyes

The sound of your breathing, the sound of

Your soul

I just wish that you would walk through the door right now and say ‘hey mum’ – the way that only you could say it

I warm into your doona at night to inhale the

Last smells of you

I hold onto your shirts just to smell and

Feel you

But you’re not coming back to this world, are you?

You have gone in body but never will your soul and spirit leave me

To the moon and back my baby…

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