My son’s funeral

The following words were written for my son’s funeral. They were the hardest words I have ever had to put on paper. They were written through a haze of tears, anxiety, pain… unbearable grief and despair. They are all over the place really, but they are

Real, raw and true…

My darling boy

In your beloved memory we will be strong

You would have wanted us to be happy

You have so many people who loved you so much

And they will honour your memory

You will live on forever in the words of Tupac, your favourite king of rap

We love you

I love you

And you will never, ever be forgotten

Your life will live on through Jude, his footy, your favourite thing

He will grow up in your honour and make you proud

You were the most beautiful, sensitive soul

the most generous of spirit

You would have given the shirt off your back for your friends

And they will honour you by doing the same

I love you my boy, my darling boy

I love you forever and a day

To eternity

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