My darling boy


My darling boy, how I miss you

Words fail me

My heart and soul ache and I hurt so very much

I love you, my boy

I miss you desperately

Sometimes  I wonder how on earth I keep going on without you

When I think of you going, I cry

I cry all the time

I don’t know how to stop the tears

Thank you for visiting me two nights ago

I felt your presence and gained a little bit of strength

But today

And yesterday

I just think of you all the time

And miss you so very much

I love you my darling

I have so many regrets, so much guilt

About your last days

Thinking about the mental health issues that you were going through

I love you, my boy

That’s all I can think, and how very much I miss you

Jude would be making you so proud

He is literally living according to your way

Please be happy.¬† It’s so important that

I know that you are at peace

I long for your next visit, but at the same time, cannot comprehend that

You are gone

Dear God, how I miss and love you

Mum xxxxxxxx kisses and hugs

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