Managing your grief

Consistency, I think, is an important word to add to our daily vocabulary. In all our undertakings we must be consistent. Our hard work is what people come to expect of us and patience is a quality naturally found in those for whom hard work is the norm. I have come to expect from myself patience and hard work even though I could, by some standards be excused from it. When life is thrown upside down by a sudden death, nobody expects that you will survive very well. But I am here to say that it does not have to be this way. You can survive, and you can survive well, striving ever so hard to overcome people’s misconceptions. You will find out rather quickly who your true friends are, the judgemental ones will fall by the wayside thank goodness, because this is something that you don’t need in your life. Good riddance to those who pass judgement. Usually you will find that your closest allies are your family. They are the only ones who truly care about you and they deserve the same love in return. Love given freely.
I know that my son would not want me to have been downtrodden by depression or by negative people. He is looking out for me so that I don’t have to live this way. Only by positive light would he want me to surround myself. To those who dole out judgement, he would keep me from their evil entrapment for that is what it is. Thank goodness for my son. Thank goodness for his light. Thank goodness for his being. I patiently wait for the day that we see each other again. For his memory I dedicate my new business and I know that he is blessing it with success. His light will guide me towards the right choices and the right people. Thank you my son, my darling son.

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