I feel suspended in space, looking down upon a world which I feel disconnected from yet know I am bound to bodily for some time to come without my son nearby physically…

There is a strong sense of deja vu as the feeling is intensified

It feels so real – and is suspended through my mind and body, as though in time it happened less than five minutes ago.

This has happened a lot lately –  confusing feelings that I have been somewhere before and time makes no sense, all aspects of time are blended into the one dimension of time –  no sense at all

I am hallucinating, in particular when falling asleep with the hallucination intensified as I attempt to stay awake.

Mostly I relish these feelings because they hold the chance within them that I might somehow come in touch with Adam’s spirit but today there was something odd and spooky related to some readings that I have been doing but towards the end of this particular research session, I couldn’t keep my eyes open – then it happened

I can say for certain and absolutely know in my bones that Adam is going to be bringing me business success this year.  This knowledge is compounded by the fact that I feel him all around me, especially near sleep,  that eery suspended sense of time where you really could be anywhere that your imagination takes you

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